My Services

Need a website? Or need a customized enterprise applications? Or simply need to fine-tune your existing website.
API Development

Need to integrate to an existing application? API development is needed in order for other applications both desktop, cloud and mobile to communicate with each other.

Backend Programming

Backend programming means database integration, API, scripting and code architecture. This drives most of the web applications today. With poorly written backend will always lead to revenue loss.

Bug Fixing

Bugs bugs bugs! Everyone hates bugs including software bugs. When the app crashed, system is down.. it is always bugs that causes it. Fixing it doesn't need pesticide, so rest assured my ways are eco-friendly.

Cloud Application

Deploy apps in the cloud and get connected to your system in realtime. Cloud applications also scales depending on user's demand.

Code Refactoring

If the software is buggy and slow, chances are that the code needs to be refactored. It can mean from coding from scratch to just code optimizations.

Code Review

I offer code review BUT unlike other code reviewers, I only limit on things that I know personally. I can easily spot poor written codes and future bugs, because I was once a noob.

Dashboard Applications

Dashboard applications are software that runs both local and in the cloud. Typically people would call it "The Admin Area". I have built dashboard applications from scratch and it has been my favorite part of development.

Data Security

I am no penetration testing expert, but I will always give my security advises to my clients. Rest assured all of my applications has all the standard security protocol followed and implemented.


Having slow queries? NoSQL or SQL database? MongoDB has been my favorite, it's lightning fast, small footprint. And please do not tell me that No-SQL cannot perform joins.

Infrastructure Integration

If you want to expand you business while maintaining the same platform, Infrastructure Integration is what you need. Be it from old Power Builder to Oracle, anything can be connected with the user of right tools.

Intranet Applications

There are companies that don't want their data exposed outside of their organizations due to privacy issues. That's why intranet applications are best suited for this kind of problem. Anyone from the company can connect to the system, just as long as they are in the same network.

Mobile Applications

Mobile is now the dominant medium for users, a stable mobile application is needed more than ever. I always advice to go native with development and not to get too excited on shiny cross platform development. Base on experience, native always win by a mile. Both maintenance and performance!

PHP Code

PHP is the most used web language that powers Wordpress, it's no doubt that PHP will stay. With the steady updates, PHP is here to stay.

Speed Optimization

Slow applications? These are the main problems that drives away users and even discourages managers in using the system. There are a lot of reasons why like unoptimized, poorly written or unindexed database -- but we won't know for sure unless I have a personal review on the code.

Service Limitations : I don't create apps or do services to anything that is related to illegal drugs, gambling, terrorism, porn, Anti-Catholic, abortion, pro-Choice, LGBT, racism or to work with any illegal institutions as defined by the Philippine Constitution.